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my thoughts on the mental health programs etc


my new goal in life is to get more programs, better informed receptionists and “please press 1 for this and 2 for this” systems, better information with more awareness, awareness on how/where/when/why to get help etc. basically i want to hire a bunch of people with ocd and we will pick it all up and throw all the information and doctors and hotlines and whatnot into order from big to small, red to violet, etc

because its ridiculous. 

so i called western psych in pittsburgh to try and find one of their IOP’s (intensive outpatient program)… or what my friend katie o likes to call my bipolar classes…. and it turns out they have several. so i went through this long process on the phone answering all of these questions about my mental state, basically screening me for every disorder EVER and the lady was like oh, let me transfer you to the eating disorder IOP so we can have you answer 10000000000000 of the same questions and when i got there i told the lady i didnt need helpp for an eating disorder, i wanted to get plopped into either a bipolar, mood disorder, depression, anxiety, or general IOP, NOT one for eating disorders. then she started asking all these questions again which i didnt mind answering except i had already answered them! she then decided i should be scheduled for an IOP intake appt, and transferred me to another lady who makes the appts, only to find out THERE ARE NO APPOINTMENTS. so they gave me this long list of referrals and i called them all and there is nothing for months and one was even for children. wtf.

what if i am having an episode NOW?! there are other resources, but they are for the poor, and then theres private psychiatrists who don’t really take insurance too often, so they are for the rich, but what about me? there are too many like me and not enough resources for middle class. everyone forgets about us. not saying we need to take the resources from the poor (which also need to be re-vamped) but SOMETHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN. WE NEED MORE PSYCHIATRISTS! EVERYONE CHANGE YOUR MAJOR!

now im at least trying to find a group or something kind of like AA but for people like me but there is nothing in the area going on currently. (same shit in cleveland)

SO my last (and least desired) option is to move back to cleveland for the summer where there is a spot for me in IOP because i already have a therapist there who also happens to be the intake appt lady for the IOP there. who is the one who says i need to go back into iop in the first place but i was like no! im going home! so we tried to get one here and failed miserably. cleveland finally has something over pittsburgh in my book. never thought id see the day. so i think i might be packing all my stuff back up and moving back up to my apt in cleveland, alone, to go through therapy. and come home on the weekends. 

thank you, western psych.


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